About Us


Chris & Gaston here. As the founders at Lucron.io we have made it our priority to simplify trading by bringing you specialized tools, and education to beat the markets. As traders we started off from the bottom. We understand how frustrating, and exciting trading can be. After almost a decade of experience, we are able to trade for a living. 

Through the costly, arduous learning process we decided we needed to pay it forward, and help frustrated traders shorten the learning curve. This was the motivation behind the creation of the Lucron Trend Accelerator System. 

The Lucron System filters out all of the unnecessary noise & hype and allows you to focus on the simple strategies that actually work in the live markets. 

Our only mission is to make trading fun, simple, & profitable for as many traders as possible.

Gaston & Chris
Founders of Lucron.io
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