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95 percent of traders fail

With our advanced trading indicators you can consistently profit like the pros right away, even if you have no prior experience trading.

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Lucron Trend accelerator
V 4.0 In Action

The 4 Reasons Traders Fail

New traders fail to understand how much of a learning curve is involved with trading, and view it as a hobby, not a business
IT’S EASY TO GET CAUGHT UP IN THE EXCITEMENT OF TRADING, but deviating from your trading plan can devastate your account
traders become too attached to their trades and do not cut their losses or enter at the appropriate time
Risk Management:
risk management is a crutial skill set that traders must have. this is usually overlooked by inexperienced traders

Our Solution

How It Works

Our indicator's sophisticated code identifies emerging bullish and bearish trends. It then displays a "short" OR "long" signal on the chart which marks an entry opportunity. As the trend continues and your profit increases you will see a ribbon that affirms the direction of the trend. Green for long, and red for short.The indicator can be used in all markets.

Your Advantage

The Lucron Trend Accelerator was developed and tested to address and remove ALL of the main trading pit falls that are losing you money. The goal was to give all traders an edge in the unforgiving markets, and we have done it! Trade with confidence.

The Benefits

As you can now probably see, our proprietary Lucron Trend Accelerator Trading Tool allows for emotion free trading. It gently guides you by the hand, and teaches you how to trade like a pro with a proven, calculated, and consistent strategy. Make more money, and reduce the learning curve. Find your freedom!
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